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Does it Work? Testing & Product Development of Dog & Cat Repellents, Rat Bait Formulations & More

At Snell Scientifics, LLC we put our best work forward to test and gather information regarding your pest control products. We cover all the basics and get into extensive research and testing to find all the relevant information you need to start production on a new product […]

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Have a Winning Rodent Control Product? Mice & Rat Repellant, Mouse Trap & Glue-Board Testing

Rodent testing is best performed be experienced experts. Whether for repellents, traps or other means of controlling these pests, there are few approved and registered EPA rodent repellents available. There are exemptions when using the appropriate actives and inert ingredients in the various formulas. Snell Scientifics, LLC […]

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Rodent Repellency Test Methods

There are very few rodent repellent formulas that are approved and registered by EPA. Most of the products available are exempt from registration by using the proper actives and inerts in the formulas. But no matter if you are looking for the data you need to support […]

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