We offer a wide array of test methods to help you evaluate your rodent snap traps and glueboards. The most common method is to use our infested buildings to compare 2 different traps to determine which is best under normal conditions. We offer a simple environment in which only pallets are in the center of the room. But we also offer a wide array of lab methods in which we determine the core elements of your traps which are causing any lack of performance.

For Glueboards, we have methods to determine if the glue formula is allowing a higher rate of ‘pull-off’, if there is any attractancy or repellency from the odor of glue, or the tack rate of the glue. We can also test glues for temperature extreme limits to see if they will run in trucks or warehouses, and how they perform under cold conditions.

For Snap traps we also have ways of determining the core problems with a design such as bite force, hold force, activation performance, and escape rates.