Greenhouse Plant Pest Testing

  • We maintain 3 greenhouses year round. We rear and test a range of greenhouse plants and pests. Vegetable pest testing requires a thorough knowledge of plant health and how pests can threaten vegetable plants.

Plant Pest Testing

  • We work hard to maintain an exceptional plant pest testing facility. We’ve built an 8 foot high, electrified, and irrigated deer-proof garden area to attract vegetable pests. We are constantly trying to find ways to attract new pest species.

Greenhouse Pest Testing

  • At Snell Scientifics, we can test a wide spectrum of greenhouse pests. Learning how pests interact with plants in a greenhouse environment seems like a similar testing process when compared to outdoor vegetable pest testing. Greenhouse pest testing actually requires maintaining and controlling a completely different and more humid environment. Greenhouse pest testing is one of our specialties.
  • We can perform ‘on-plant’ or ‘off-plant’ direct, residual, or repellency tests for a wide variety of vegetable crops.
  • We’ve planted ornamental trees and shrubs around the property to attract ornamental pests

Agricultural Pest Testing

  • We have the capability to run phytotoxicity tests on just about any plant species that can be bought or grown in our region.
  • We can test plant pests which specifically are a concern to farmers and agricultural land managers. Agricultural pest testing can yield huge returns when compared to the value of farm produce grown in a season!

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