While we may not be the most visible bed bug researchers in the industry, and we keep ourselves off of the morning TV shows, that doesn’t mean we are not the largest testing lab in the world for bed bug products.   Whether you just need several resistant field strains for your liquid or dust formulation, or you need to test a new trap design, we have what the capacity to handle your testing needs.  For traps and monitors of any type, we have a wide range of testing methods available.

Bed Bug Product Testing, A to Z

We typically start with various size small arenas to verify the traps ability to retain the bugs that enter and we stay with these small arena tests to sort out escape rates, retention problems and the like.   Our second level of ‘fine tuning’ is to use our 1/6 size mattresses inside 5 foot arenas.  We have 50 of these arenas so this is the best way to collect large volumes of data quickly.  This method is ideal to show the distance of attraction for lures and for comparing the capture rates of multiple trap designs.  For further confirmation of the distance of attraction and ‘# per room’ data, we then offer ½ size mattresses which are essentially the top half of a mattress with a headboard, wherein we have 4 of these set-ups per building.   And for the ‘finishing touches’ we have full mattresses inside an isolated buildings that can be set up just like any hotel or bedroom.  We can provide 8 such buildings to help collect large data sets quickly.  These tests can be conducted for 30 days or more as we need to for collecting data for passive bed bug monitors.   We also use these buildings for testing heating systems with the most realistic representation of bed bug control rates.