Rodent Testing

  • The Snell Sci Rat Field is perhaps the only such testing field of it’s kind today. It is a contained field of wild Norway Rats, ideal for testing rat stations, rat repellents, and other behavioral responses.
  • A separate building is dedicated to house mouse testing with 2 separate populations of wild house mice.
  • A highly effective protocol by Snell Sci is our Choice Box arena for rodents. It can be used with wild rats or mice and can test repellents, bait formulations, attractants, and devices.
  • Night vision, digital video systems are used for monitoring the rat field, mouse building, choice boxes and other arenas. This offers the ability to monitor behavior for long periods of time and quickly scan the video to turn behavior into data points.
  • Snell Sci uses the standardized Rodent Bait EPA Choice Consumption Protocol for evaluating toxic rodent baits. This protocol suits to compare bait preferences of commercial formulations or to help compare new formulation changes.
  • Click here┬áto see photos of the rat field!

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