Fog/Aerosol Chamber Testing (Peet Grady-type testing)

We have a wide range of chamber sizes for testing your fog compounds, total release aerosols, and fogging equipment.   For prototype formulas needing lots of reps quickly, we can start with our 5.5 cubic feet chambers.  We then have a large number of 244 cubic foot chambers, which are the same size as Peet Grady chambers, offering you a much faster screening since we have so many available.   Our 3rd option is our specially lined 1200 cubic foot buildings.   To ‘step up our game’ we also built a custom a 6000 cubic foot with a unique 10 foot ceiling height to improve the performance of fogging compounds.   This 6000 cu. ft. chamber can be divided into any size chamber you require for your product, such as 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 cubic feet.  We have whatever you need.