We have an excellent range of test methods to help you prove and develop your formulation from concept to finalization. We start with our single-rodent choice system. We can test 20-30 of these at the same time and collect a large database quickly.

Crawl Simulation Test

Once you have confidence in the product from our single-rodent (mouse or rat) choice test, we then have very realistic real-world testing methods. We have a Crawlspace Simulation test set-up that can simulate rodents being acclimated outside of a home, and test to see if the repellent will keep them from entering the crawlspace. We also offer a test method in which we have 2 buildings connected to each other. We acclimate the rodents in one building and monitor to prevent the rodents from moving into the second building (which is treated). Lastly, we can provide area-wide repellency testing in one of our massive (100’x100’) outdoor infested fields.