Urban Arthropod Testing

Direct Spray Methods

  • We’ve developed over 10 different direct spray protocols to meet varying project needs.
  • Our most popular method involves the use of our own unique Direct Spray Cartridge.
  • Our other protocols allow us to perform direct spray tests on:
    • Standard petri dishes with filter paper under test subjects
    • Field cages placed in large fields or buildings
    • Fog chambers varying in size from 288 cubic ft. to 6000 cubic ft. Direct spray cartridges, field cages, and infested plants can be placed in these chambers.

Residual Panels

  • We’ve got 5 different residual protocols to cater to your residual testing needs.
  • Our most popular method is our panel treatment method. We can create and treat panels made from glass, plastic, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, metal, stone, concrete, and painted or unpainted wood.
    • We usually confine test systems to treated panels with petri dish lids or one of our direct spray cartridges (to prevent ‘fume affects’ from killing test subjects).
  • Our other residual methods include crack & crevice residual, residual repellency, dust mite residual, and mulch residual methods.
  • We can age treated substrates for any length of time necessary and test them at any interval necessary.
  • We have an accelerated environmental chamber that allows us to rapidly age treated surfaces.

Methods For Delivering Precise Amounts of Products

  • We’ve developed different fixtures and methods to ensure that no matter what applicator we’re using, we deliver the required amount to the insect and nothing more.

Secondary Transfer of Insecticides

  • Roach baits or residuals can be tested via excrement and carcasses in the same protocol.

Ant Colony Testing

  • Field tests can be done around homes
  • We rear several common species of urban ant species for lab testing
  • Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) field test are very easy for us, no matter what the size test you need. Georgia has no shortage of fire ants.
  • Due to the need for label claims such as ‘kills the queen’ we designed a unique lab method for Red Imported Fire Ant Colonies. Other species can be easily handled in the lab, but due to the stinging nature of fire ants, confirming a queen has been killed is difficult. We resolved this problem to help with such label claims for RIFA.

Insect Repellent Protocols

Insect repellents such as essential oils (botanicals) can be very difficult to evaluate. We have taken the time to develop numerous ways of testing repellents for a wide variety of species.