Primary Laboratory

  • Our 6200 square foot primary laboratory consists of:Main Laboratory – This laboratory is used for human pest testing and other forms of pest testing.
    • Mixing Laboratory
    • Formulation Laboratory
    • Direct Spray & Residual Application Building
    • 3 Release Rooms
    • 4 Rearing Rooms
    • 2 Chemical Storage Rooms
    • GLP Laboratory complete with individual chemical storage, mixing lab, and rearing room.


  • Other Site Features Include
    • Located on a 50 acre parcel of land, with pastures, hardwood creek bottoms, and a 1 acre pond.
    • Our facilities are equipped to perform insecticide testing and pest product testing.
    • Fourteen 12’x20’ prefabricated outbuildings that allow us 3360 square feet of testing space that is used for simulated hotel room testing with bed bugs, simulated kitchen testing, fog chambers, and other testing needs.
    • Ornamental trees & shrubs planted across property to attract pests
    • Irrigated 70’x150′ deer proof garden, three 25’x100′ plots of turfgrass (bermuda, zoysia, and cetipede), and a high flow well to support the planting of any agricultural crop that could be grown in our region.
    • Three greenhouses allow us to maintain warm weather plants and insects throughout the winter.
    • Fully outfitted workshop that enables us to fabricate unique fixtures, arenas, and just about any other test related item that we cannot purchase.
    • Three fenced and gated paddocks to hold livestock.

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