There are very few rodent repellent formulas that are approved and registered by EPA. Most of the products available are exempt from registration by using the proper actives and inerts in the formulas. But no matter if you are looking for the data you need to support state registrations with exempt formulas, or EPA data packages, we offer a wide range of testing methods. We start out with our ‘phase 1’ method which utilizes a 3-choice small chamber arena set-up. This first method is ideal for quick comparisons of multiple actives and formulas to help you cost effectively select your best final formula. This phase 1 method can be all you need for your exempt label claims for many formulas. But we then offer a range of ‘phase 2’ methods to help provide the supporting evidence you may need for larger choice arenas. From there we have a a great method to scientifically replicate the ability of products to prevent rodents from entering exterior areas into a crawlspace or covered indoor space. And as a final level of testing support, we also offer a method in which we connect multiple buildings so we have treated buildings and untreated buildings that allow rodents to enter the treated area or remain in the untreated buildings. No matter what your needs are, we have the most diverse level of rodent repellency testing methods available in the world.