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Essential Oils as Mosquito & Bug Repellents; Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Neem & More

In traditional practice as a personal protection measure against host-seeking mosquitoes, plant-based repellents have been used for generations. A valuable resource for the development of new natural products, the knowledge gained with repellent plants through ethnobotanical studies is a very valuable resource. Though sometimes a misconception, commercial […]

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How Do Mosquito Traps Work? Flying Insect Trap & Lure Testing Indoors & Outdoors

The marketing of new devices designed to attract, then either trap or kill mosquitoes, have generated an enormous amount of interest with consumers. The general idea is to reduce the number of mosquitoes that afflict homeowners. By decreasing the number of egg-laying females through their capture, many […]

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Flying Insect Mosquito Trap Field Testing for Prevention of Zika Virus & Other Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoes

Field Testing to Determine Mosquito Traps that Work Spring time is officially here and before we know it we’ll be swimming in the thick of summer enjoying the sunshine and family time that summer allows. One obstacle that prevents us from completely enjoying our time outdoors is […]

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Flea / Tick / Mosquito Repellency – On Pet Treatments

Need to prove your on-pet product will repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes? Each species requires unique test methods. In most cases, to save costs and time, we offer methods that do not require actual pets but can be done on animal hide. We show the degree of […]

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Outdoor Area-Wide Mosquito Repellency Testing

When you need data to support your claims for outdoor mosquito repellents such as candles, torches, coils, heated pads, and similar products, the options are certainly limited. Traditionally EPA has required open field tests but such methods rarely provided suitable results. Over the past few years, EPA […]

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Mosquito Arm-In-Cage Bite Tests

With the Zika concerns, we are getting a lot of requests for Arm-in-a-Cage testing for mosquito repellents. Mosquito bite tests for repellents are highly regulated test methods since 2006. Yes, there are plenty of videos showing mosquitoes biting, and being repelled from treatments on the arm. But […]

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