At Snell Scientifics, LLC we put our best work forward to test and gather information regarding your pest control products. We cover all the basics and get into extensive research and testing to find all the relevant information you need to start production on a new product or improve your current products.

Animal Pest Testing

Among the many pests control products Snell Scientifics, LLC dissect, we offer quality, effective animal pest testing. We are more than capable to test a wide range of pests that persist on animals; from flies to mites, as well as ticks, fleas, mealworms, and other such pests. Our testing includes a number of variables such as off and on animal pest testing for direct, residual, and/or repellency screens and effectiveness. Additionally, our protocols and experience testing compounds for skin irritation is exceptionally beneficial for the data you need to aid in improving your pest products.

Dog & Cat Repellent Testing

Dog and cat repellents are tested in specially designed buildings that have wind tunnel test devices that need air flow considering the pheromones. With our repel-o-meter we can test with or without air flow for wind-tunnel testing. Additionally, we can test for pheromones, attractants, and repellents with other methods and technical support devices.

Rodent Product Testing

Rodent snap traps and glue-boards are heavily evaluated and tested with an array of methods to help you improve your product. With simple environment studies and testing along with lab work, we can breakdown the core elements of your traps to find any cause where they may lack performance. Products that aim to manage rat and mouse populations undergo lab and field testing to find out how to repel and control rodents. With strict testing standards on many products, the testing is viable for the purpose of the studies and tests to determine a theory that rodents will change in their perceived temporary environments, but if the once temporary change persists, those rodents will consciously put forth the effort to avoid the new conflicting condition.

One of the testing protocols we utilize has two types of chambers, one treated and the other not treated, where we place a mouse in each test apparatus. In both of these chambers, food and nesting areas are provided and the food consumption and tracking board activity are measured. In the treated chambers, we can make conclusions such as whether food consumption has reduced as well as any changes in rodent tracking board activity. We offer tests with specific rodents over weeks of testing with daily monitoring of activity. In addition to testing and data, Snell Scientifics, LLC assesses the results to note where the faults were and the successes are!

Animal Testing

Call Snell Scientifics, LLC to test your animal pest testing. Our many fields of study will ensure you have all the pertinent information needed to either improve your product or to get it ready for production. Contact us today to get started!