Does it Work? Testing & Product Development of Dog & Cat Repellents, Rat Bait Formulations & More

At Snell Scientifics, LLC we put our best work forward to test and gather information regarding your pest control products. We cover all the basics and get into extensive research and testing to find all the relevant information you need to start production on a new product […]

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Termite Control Product Testing; Chemical, Bait Stations, Wood Treatment & More

Snell Scientifics offer a wide spectrum of pest control product testing including termiticides. The lab work provides direct and residual kill tests with various methods and techniques of wood exposed to worker termites. Additional soil treatment and testing is applied for statistics and overall efficiency. Below is […]

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Phytotoxicity of Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides; Symptoms, Testing Formulations & More

Phytotoxicity is the damage inflicted on plant growth as a result of a toxic compound. Trace metals, pesticides, salinity, allelochemicals, or phytotoxins compounds are responsible for such damage. With certain spray mixtures and insecticides the phytotoxic reaction causes damage to the plant. Phytotoxicity Symptoms of Herbicides in […]

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Flying & Crawling Insects Transmit Many Diseases; Need for Insect Repellency Spray & Other Product Testing

Insects have been a problem for people for centuries. Insects from crawlers to flyers are commonly the cause of itchy bites, discomfort, and even the spread of various ailments and diseases. Mosquitoes, ticks, flies, midges, chiggers, and fleas are the more likely suspects and a single bite […]

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Most Effective Testing of Bed Bug Traps, Liquid Sprays, Dust Powders, Mattress Encasements, Detectors & Other Products that Work!

Bed bugs are notorious for wreaking havoc on the masses. Their tiny statures and blood pilfering ways have made them on one of America’s most hated insect list. Bed bugs have been plaguing man since the beginning of time .. or pretty close. Before WWII they were […]

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Have a Winning Rodent Control Product? Mice & Rat Repellant, Mouse Trap & Glue-Board Testing

Rodent testing is best performed be experienced experts. Whether for repellents, traps or other means of controlling these pests, there are few approved and registered EPA rodent repellents available. There are exemptions when using the appropriate actives and inert ingredients in the various formulas. Snell Scientifics, LLC […]

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Flying Insect Mosquito Trap Field Testing for Prevention of Zika Virus & Other Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoes

Field Testing to Determine Mosquito Traps that Work Spring time is officially here and before we know it we’ll be swimming in the thick of summer enjoying the sunshine and family time that summer allows. One obstacle that prevents us from completely enjoying our time outdoors is […]

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Flea / Tick / Mosquito Repellency – On Pet Treatments

Need to prove your on-pet product will repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes? Each species requires unique test methods. In most cases, to save costs and time, we offer methods that do not require actual pets but can be done on animal hide. We show the degree of […]

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Rodent Repellency Test Methods

There are very few rodent repellent formulas that are approved and registered by EPA. Most of the products available are exempt from registration by using the proper actives and inerts in the formulas. But no matter if you are looking for the data you need to support […]

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Allethrin Replacement Options

With the loss of Allethrin as an active in the United States, we help a lot of clients find and develop suitable replacement actives. With several new actives to choose from, the process of selecting the ideal choice and them optimizing them to your needs can be […]

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