Termites are among the most troublesome pest homeowners and business owners alike can experience. Being volatile pests, termites inflict more than $3 billion worth of damage nationwide to homes each year. Termites are very hard to see until they have finally made a great damage to the structure. Termites typically crawl through damp soil and into homes through the foundation. In their pursuit of finding a home and building a new colony, termite swarmers often fly into windows, attics or crawl spaces. Leading to a weakened foundation, these insects will create tunnels into the wood by consuming it. Early termite detection can avoid extensive damage. Today, we at Snell Scientifics would like to elaborate on termites and how our facility and expert scientists can test your termite elimination products.

Ants or Termites?

In order to control termites, understanding how they infest homes and live can help significantly. Being very similar to ants, termites care often confused with them among homeowners. At a closer look to their body structure however, they are very different and the only true similarities they have with ants is how they build their colony in warm and moist hiding places.

Signs of Termites

Flying Termite Swarmers. One of the initial signs that a home is being infested by termites is discovering swarmers, which are the winged reproductive termites. Swarmers seen inside a home may not necessarily mean that there is an active infestation since the swarmers fly from the nest, though it can be indication of a local colony.
Mud Tubes. Subterranean termites operate underground. In a tree trunk near your house or mud is where these termites often first nest. Termites can build tunnels in the ground nearly 500 feet from their location in search of cellulose feeding material, however. To help them bridge the gap from the nest to the food, termites build mud tubes.

Termite Prevention

Moisture presence, such as from under leaky faucets or around air-conditioning units give them the moisture they need and many homeowners or business owners may find a lot of wood debris around or near a home structure, it looks much like wood dust. Fixing leaky pipes and removing clutter are great prevention steps to keep all pests away from buildings, including termites

Termite Product Testing

Our scientists understand termites, their nesting, foraging, reproduction, and other such details. Understanding how termites operate helps us efficiently test termite removal products. Snell Scientifics can engineer, prototype, and test (lab or field) termite preferences and foraging activities into stations. When you contact our office, you can count on a thorough and detailed testing that includes detailed reports and data. We conduct termite bait matrix field tests and lab tests in our large compound in GA as well as other local sites. Further, we test wood protection and soil treatments on both our properties in GA and WV. When you need your termite eliminating products tested, Snell Scientifics is the best in the business. Contact us today to get started!