The integrity and structure of a house is negatively affected by the irreparable damage caused by termites.  It is essential to contact a professional pest control company immediately if you discover termites or even suspect you have termites.   Professionals are equipped to better handle termites with their expertise and products proven to be effective such as the ones rigorously tested by Snell Scientifics. There are three primary methods of testing that we do including termite stations, wood protection treatments and soil treatments and we at Snell Scientifics would like to discuss them briefly today. 

Bait System Stations 

An effective way of destroying termite colonies, are bait termite treatment systems and our termite stations are designed to test them.  The stations are on a set frequency ensuring a home is protected from future and current infestations, and a pest control professional will install bait stations around the perimeter of the home and monitor them.  This method is typically effective at eliminating termite infestations.  

Termite Soil Treatment

Termite treatments are used on the surrounding soil to act as a treatment barrier since subterranean termites live in the soil.   The soil is treated with a termiticide after a trench is dug around the foundation, then refilled.  This kills any termites in the house as they to return to the soil to nest as well as helps prevent future termite infestations.  

Wood Termite Treatment

To help kill any existing termite colonies and prevent future ones from spouting up, pest control professionals can use a variety of different wood treatments.   Surface sprays, injected sprays and foams, and Borate treated wood are common types of wood treatment.  In order to prevent termite infestations and eliminate any existing termites in homes, pest control professionals use borate wood treatments.  Surface applications during the construction phase of home building and wood injections and foams after a home is built are also included in wood treatment.  

Termite Product Testing & Development

These methods effectively protect homes from termites and prevent further damage to the home’s structure.  When professionals choose your product, they expect it to be efficient at the task at hand and you want something that continues to be relied on by the pros.  With Snell Scientifics testing of your termite products, you can have the data and assurance of the expectations of your termite treatments. Our termite testing consists of a termite bait matrix as well as lab tests in large tubs. As primary inventors of numerous termite station patents as well as past patents, we have the abilities to test termite preferences and foraging activities into stations as we engineer, prototype, and test termite products in the lab or field.  Additionally, over years of using customized building construction designs, wood protection treatments can be tested on a range.  Soil treatments are also readily conducted.  With a wide range of termiticide testing services available, the lab provided by Snell Scientifics includes comprehensive testing to offer you the detailed data you need for your product.  Call us today to get started on your termite product testing services.