Rodents are tricky pests that can cause a lot of grief.  They are clever in many ways, which makes them difficult to remove from homes and businesses.   Rodents pose a threat in a number of ways.  They are destructive as they forage for food and water and collect materials for the nesting habits.  In addition to their destructive ways, they can initiate a number of health problems from the diseases they spread.  Because rodents are a menace, many top minds come together in an effort to stop them from the mayhem they cause.  Today, we at Snell Scientifics would like to elaborate on rodent product testing.  Snell Scientifics is very thorough when it comes to rodent product testing.  Below is our standard checklist of rodent testing along with some insight to our operation. 

Types of Rodent Testing of Products

Perhaps being the only such testing field of its kind today, the Snell Scientifics Rat Field offers natural environments for testing purposes.   Additionally, the testing rat stations, rat repellents, and other behavioral responses is ideally set for a contained field of wild Norway rats.  Norway rats, also known as sewer rats, have smaller eyes and shorter tails compared to other rat species.  The underside ranges from shades of gray to white while their fur is coarse and brown with scattered black hairs.   These rats are among the most common species of rats found in the country, and even the world.   Their commonality makes them a great test subject for rodent testing.  Among the common types of mice, House Mice are included.  With light or white underbellies, their main coloring varies in browns, blacks, and grays.  Being omnivorous and have the typical rodent behavior, Schnell Scientifics has a separate building is dedicated to house mouse testing with 2 separate populations of wild house mice. Our Choice Box arena for rodents is a highly effective protocol by Snell Sci.  This gives our experts a variety with testing the bait formulations, attractants, repellents, and devices, since this can be used with wild rats or mice. 

Advanced Rodent Product Equipment & Techniques

To monitor the mouse building, rat field, choice boxes and other arenas, our experts use night vision, digital video systems, and other advanced equipment.  The data is more accurate and detailed with this equipment as it gives more as we better monitor behavior for long periods of time and quickly scan the video to turn behavior.

Rodent Bait EPA Choice Consumption Protocol

For evaluating toxic rodent baits, Snell Sci uses the standardized Rodent Bait EPA Choice Consumption Protocol.  To help compare new formulation change or to compare bait preferences of commercial formulations, this protocol is ideally suited. 

Rodent Baits, Repellency & Other Product Testing

Taking into the account of regulations set by the EPA, you can count on your products meeting the standard with the rigorous testing requirements.    With our efforts, you can ensure that your products are efficiently tested and the data clear for you to analyze.   This allows to be informed on how you proceed with your product.   When you need rodent testing, contact the experts of Snell Scientifics!