Spring Time Is Prime Time for Weeds to Grow in your Garden

This time of year many homeowners take an aggressive approach to make sure their lawn and garden are the best looking on the block. Having the greenest grass, the brightest flowers and the healthiest lawn are all important when it comes to impressing the neighborhood with your horticultural skills. One of the biggest enemies to making this dream blossom into a truth is the ever growing never ending weed problem that so many homeowners seem to battle eternally. Snell Scientifics performs many experiments in weed herbicide testing to figure out what makes weeds grow and how to stop them from invading your beautiful landscaped yard.

How to Get Rid of Weeds and Grow Grass

You can easily reduce the amount of weed growth in your lawn by following good and persistent management practices and also by understanding weed growth patterns. There are a few major factors that come into play when discussing aggressive weed growth; these factors include poor or improper fertilization, insufficient irrigation and improper mowing practices. These factors make it extremely easy for weeds to flourish within your grass. When you take the time to remedy these issues, you will significantly reduce the amount of weed growth on your property.

Weeds Result When You Cut Your Grass Too Short

Grassy weeds like bluegrass, crab grass and goose grass will grow, produce seed and die within one season. These weeds will return the following year if this cycle is not interrupted. Grassy weed seeds fall from the plant in autumn and germinate in the spring when the temperature is warmer. Grassy weeds tend to flourish when people over water their lawn and especially in lawns that are cut too short; generally less than two inches.

Is it Possible to Kill Weeds Permanently?

The complete removal and elimination of weeds from your lawn may not be a realistic goal and could end up driving you crazy if that is all you work on and it never comes to pass. Some weeds grow even in the healthiest and most well cared for lawns. Healthy grass in fertile soil does discourage weed growth, but from time to time a weed will find a way to get into that soil and sprout up through your green lawn. When good weed management techniques are practiced, yet weeds still pop up from time to time, your best bet is to hand weed. Hand weeding throughout the year will assist in preventing the spread of certain types of weeds throughout your lawn.

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