Fertilizer is an important element to vegetation care, whether it is for lawns, bushes, trees, and so forth.   When it comes to fertilizer, as a manufacturer, you want to ensure it delivers.  We at Snell Scientifics would like to point out the basic expectations of consumers and how our experts test plant fertilizers.  Though consumers may find themselves wondering if the investment is really worthwhile, fertilizing the lawn is an investment in time and money.   Below are the benefits that is usually expected from plant fertilizer. 

Fertilizer Can Enhance the Resistance of Plants to Disease

Losing a big portion of your grass all at once is devastating.   This is often due to disease that attacks the grass from the very root.  It’s much less prone to disease when grass has the right nutrients to grow strong.   Grass is living, and it needs the right nutrients to protect it from illness just like people. 

Are Fertilizers Good for Soil?

In order to grow healthy grass, it must draw nutrients from the soil.   From the results of fertilization, grass is thicker, which helps eliminate soil runoff.  Also being less likely to become depleted when natural rain and storms comes from properly fertilized soil.  This is an investment in the future of your yard since healthy soil will promote healthy grass for future years.  

Can Fertilizer Get Rid of Weeds?

Weed prevention treatments is common in modern fertilizers.  By giving the healthy grass the tools it needs to grow thick and strong, even those that don’t help with weed control.   Being less likely to become the victim of weeds comes from a thick, strong grass with a deep bed of roots.  

Fertilization Increases Insect Resistance

A healthy lawn that is properly fertilized is more resistant to damage from pests.  The thicker your lawn grows, the harder it is for pests to take hold whether or not your fertilizer includes insecticides. 

Will Fertilizer Make My Grass Grow?

Only to come in sparse and thin in another area, every homeowner knows the frustration of grass that grows thick and lush in one area of the yard but not in another.  In the less lush part of the yard, this is often due to lack of nutrients.  In different parts of the yard, the uneven nutrients occur due to natural factors that affect the soil differently.   With the entire lawn looking lush and thick, lawn fertilization will help produce uniform growth. 

Fertilizer Plant Growth Testing

  1. Snell Scientifics has the ability to plant and conduct fertilizer studies on any species necessary, provided it grows in our region, with 50 acres of property and three greenhouses.   Conducted in our three greenhouses is greenhouse pest testing as well.  

    2. Available for fertilizer turf pest testing or agricultural pest testing, both can be easily done on our four 2500 sq. ft. turf plots.   Bermuda, tall fescue, centipede, and zoysia are included with our turf species.

     3. For a list of plant species that we are able to grow and test, take a look at our species we test page.   If something isn’t present on this list and you need it, we are able to grow and test other varieties as well. Contact Snell Scientifics to test your fertilizer!