To the general public, bed bugs are notorious for wreaking havoc. They have made it on America’s Most Hated Insect list due to the tiny statures and blood pilfering ways. Since the beginning of time, or pretty close at least, bed bugs have been plaguing man. Bed bugs were very difficult to eradicate prior to WWII where they were considered an epidemic. After many attempts and lab testing, developing scientists banded together and created a pesticide that was finally able to destroy these blood sucking insects. As they become something only remembered from children’s rhymes, bed bugs were nearly annihilated. However, bed bugs have made a comeback in recent decades, due in part to the simplicity of world traveling, and are now showing a great resistance to these once successful treatments.

Testing Bed Bug Interceptors, Traps & Monitoring Devices

Scientists are trying to find better solutions that can ensure their demise with so many problems of bed bugs taking over commercial businesses and residential homes. With our comprehensive bed bug product testing services, Snell Scientifics is happy to oblige the brilliant scientists that believe they have conquered these blood sucking insects. We like to begin testing in small containable areas so we can verify the trap’s ability to retain the bed bugs that gain access for starters. Our scientists evaluate the trap’s efficiency of retention by noting the escape rates and other likeminded problems or issues that make containment poor after the bed bugs are engaged in the trap. In an effort to collect the data quickly and observe the testing in greater volumes, Snell Scientifics encloses approximately 50, 5-foot arenas with 1/6th sized mattresses after the containment testing are completed. To prove the most ideal attractions and lures as well as determine which techniques are most fruitful, we are able to conclude the capture rates of multiple trap designs by using such methods. The distance of attraction and number per room data with a half sized mattress to confirm our findings, generally having four of these set-ups in each building gives a better perspective on the top half of the mattress with a headboard. In order to mimic that of a basic hotel or a bedroom, Snell Scientifics models a full-sized mattress inside our isolated buildings in conclusion. We can provide results quickly and efficiently with eight simulated buildings contributing to collecting the data. While collecting the data for passive bed bug monitors to determine accuracy and efficiency of your bed bug trap, we perform these tests for a 30-day period. Our buildings for testing heating system designs in an effort to represent the most realistic conditions.

Bed Bug Product Testing & Development

To stringently test and develop your pest control products, is our primary goal at Snell Scientifics. We help those who spend their time and energy coming up with new and improved options in bed bug control. W offer confidentiality agreements to give peace of mind as we are independently owned and do not have to comply with major chemical companies’ regulations. To get started on your bed bug testing and development services, call Snell Scientifics today.