The bed bug epidemic has been an increasing problem for the past decade, with bed bugs infesting homes, apartments, and hotels as well as hospitals, nursing homes and even subway cars. Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to eradicate because of their rapid reproduction rate. Even for professional pest control technicians, a bed bug infestation can be difficult to exterminate. There have been numerous attempts to find a new method to treat and prevent bed bugs, but up until now, most procedures have been ineffective or expensive.

Snell Scientific has recently developed the Bed Protector, a breakthrough bed bug trap for bed bug prevention in the pest control industry. The Bed Protector is an innovative form of bed bug prevention that effectively, affordably prevents bed bugs from infesting your home and can even help eliminate an existing infestation. Conventional bedding is easy for bed bugs to climb, giving them access to you while you sleep, but the Bed Protector is made with slick polymer sides that bed bugs cannot climb. If bed bugs climb the mattress, they are trapped between the Bed Protector and the mattress and unable to reachyou to feed. If bed bugs can’t feed, they cannot breed and the infestation will die off before it can begin. The Bed Protector is perfect for homes, apartments and hotels and can provide anyone effective bed bug prevention and treatment.