Deer Protocols

  • We conduct extensive deer repellent and attractant tests at our large 600 acre facility in West Virginia.
  • Our Deer testing is conducted with large fields of Imperial Whitetail Clover, Oats, and nearly any plant type you desire.
  • Deer Tests are conducted year-around, depending on the plant type you wish to test and the deer’s feeding preferences.

Mole Testing

  • Mole Repellents, baits, and attractants are tested about 6 months out of the year in our WV facility.
  • We have extensive protocols which we continually improve for determining the proper treatment rates/methods and the longevity of various mole products.
    Animal Testing (squirrels, rabbits, etc.)

Animal Testing (squirrels, rabbits, etc)

  • Animal repellents are tested by Snell Sci with a wide range of methods and species. We test repellents methods to deter rabbits, armadillo, opossums, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, rats, mice, and others.
    Attractants or feeding choice tests are also conducted in order to help develop traps, baits, or products.
  • Also see Rodent Testing link for the methods we have developed for testing rat and mouse products such as traps, attractants, repellents, and toxic baits.

Vole Repellent Testing

  • Unique to Snell Sci is a very novel ‘vole habitat’ in our WV facility. Voles are very difficult to rear or test in captivity and unreliable in field sites. We created our vole habitats to entice voles to live in controlled (yet wild) environments in which we have a population that is not contained but thrives under our care. This allows us to evaluate vole repellents, attractants, and baits in a host of methods throughout the year.

Snake Repellent Testing

  • Range of protocols for testing snake repellents in open air arenas or plexiglass arenas.
  • Can dial in the sensitivity of the test to find degrees of sensitivity for different species.
  • Test with non-poisonous and poisonous species.
  • Screen platforms available for quick screening to develop new compounds ‘from scratch.

Groundhog and Armadillo Testing

  • We test groundhog repellents in our WV facilities.
  • Armadillos are testing on uniform arenas with wild populations in GA.

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